April 26, 2015


Illustration by Robert John Paterson

Despite their nickname, the Angulo brothers were not raised by wolves, but by movies. Remember when your parents used to tell you not to watch too much TV? They don’t. Confined by the walls of their Lower East Side, New York apartment, these extremely creative young individuals were able to transform their playground into an elaborate film set – because there’s no such thing as a movie-proof fence. Despite their father’s attempt to conceal them from the violence and poisonous corruption of the outside world, the boys become obsessively intrigued specifically by crime thrillers, heist flicks and the horror genre. Against all odds, Oscar Angulo raises a clan of surprisingly articulate, and imaginative young men with a hunger for knowledge and a wider grasp on the society from which they’ve been cast away. Interested in finding out how they fit in to modern civilization once the barriers collapse and the world is their oyster? So are we. Whether you’re a doc-lover, movie buff, or as curious as we are to see a group of six teenagers walking and talking straight out of a Tarantino movie, pencil this one into your agendas.

You don’t have to be a film critic to have an interesting opinion on movies. That’s why we love docs! They encompass topics derived from real life situations, and we pride ourselves on giving everyone the chance to participate during post-film socials. So come hang out afterwards, treat yourself to a cool beverage and meet some new people, because sometimes the best part about watching a movie is getting to talk about it afterwards!

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