August 25th, 2016


Illustration by Robert John Paterson

Keeping in tone with the popular German New Wave filmmaker’s oeuvre, Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World is in equal parts a technical dissection of the Internet’s functionality as it is a ludicrously philosophical brain-teaser whose 70-something-year-old narrator seems highly unequipped to tackle such depths of the World Wide Web. Through a wide variety of interviewees ranging from professional PhDs to self-authorized “connoisseurs” –neither of which Werner Herzog has any problem leaving with their tongues tied– this doc critically examines the vast, unchartered potential of technology through questions that aren’t necessarily meant to be answered… at least not within the one-hour-and-38-minute time frame. Lo and Behold is a prime example of the kind of funny yet unsettling, playful yet complex mind-bogglers that have made the German auteur a worldwide sensation on, well, the Internet.

As usually goes for Herzog docs, this one is sure to guarantee some intriguing conversations afterwards, so feel free to stick around with the group as we make our way over to the post-film discussion venue TBA!

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