September 27th, 2017

Robert John Paterson

Illustration by Robert John Paterson

Nuclear fusion has been the holy grail of energy for many decades now. So…let’s talk about it.

THE FILM: Surely the most ambitious ongoing project on the planet, scientists from the wealthiest countries have gathered in the French countryside to create an artificial sun. The end goal? Energy for the whole world. With time and money poured into the experiment, its failure would be a huge blow against the quest for alternative energy sources. Meanwhile, independent engineers are working on their own towards the same results, to harness nuclear fusion as a sustainable solution. Let There Be Light gives you insider access to this epic science experiment as some of the world’s greatest minds strive to make a monumental breakthrough.

Meet in the lobby of the Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema for 6:15pm. Film begins at 6:30pm.

TICKETS: Tickets can be purchased online and at the Hot Docs Ted Rogers box office.

POST-FILM SOCIAL: Join us after the film for a post-film social with fellow doc club members to discuss the film in the basement of The Labyrinth Bar. This is FREE to attend!

IMPORTANT NOTE FROM US: New to the club or coming alone? Let us know. We’ll make sure someone is there to greet you at the door. All friends are welcome (and encouraged).

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