January 28th, 2016

Illustration by Robert John Paterson

Illustration by Robert John Paterson

Driven by an urgency to address and correct the violent disregard for the endangerment of our planet, Fractured Land is a documentary that offers an insightful and though-provoking study of the inhumane systems and processes that have caused severe climate change. Filmmakers Fiona Ryder and Damien Gillis follow the rise of an unexpected star, Caleb Behn, as the young Dene lawyer inspires a new generation of leaders to mend the fissures between the environment and its destructive forces. The unique upbringing of the film’s protagonist –his father a devout environmentalist, and his mother an oil industry worker– contributes to its controversial stance and emphasizes its impulse to reconcile on both personal and universal levels of conflict.

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