March 15th, 2018

Robert John Paterson

Illustration by Robert John Paterson

5 years. 65 events. 1 epic film to celebrate. Join HS Doc Club for our 5-year anniversary screening and party for Aim For The Roses followed by post-film Skype Q&A with director John Bolton. This screening will mark a hiatus for HS Doc Club so we’re making it one to remember! Join us for the documentary that The Globe and Mail called “a bizzare, wild, amazing ride.”
THE FILM: In 1976, Canadian stunt driver Ken Carter announced his ambitious project to launch his rocket-powered car over the Saint Lawrence River from a 1,400-foot takeoff ramp. His American rival, Evel Knievel, called his mile-long jump “the daredevil stunt to end all daredevil stunts”.
Thirty years later, double bassist Mark Haney began his journey to create a concept album to honour Ken Carter’s historic leap. The Georgia Straight called his record “utterly amazing and completely fucking ridiculous”.
Using archival footage, reenactments and modern interviews, John Bolton’s AIM FOR THE ROSES is a joyride documenting two men’s journeys towards greatness and the epic event the binds them together.
Join us after the film for a Skype Q&A with director John Bolton to talk about Ken Carter, Mark Kerney and the process of making what POV Magazine called “the widest, craziest, smartest doc in years”.
THE DIRECTOR: JOHN BOLTON is an award-winning filmmaker from Vancouver, Canada preoccupied with revelation, consolation and transcendence, sometimes even in that order. As passionate about creating smaller films as he is about making larger movies, and as comfortable working with actors as he is collaborating musicians and other artists, John produces, writes and directs dramas, documentaries, performing arts pieces and the occasional disaster film through his production company OPUS 59 FILMS.
MESSAGE TO THE DOC CLUB: To the incredible humans and organizations who have supported and encouraged us for over 5 years, a sincere thank you. We believe that goods documentary are better with good company. Thank you for being the very best we could have ever asked for.
Special thanks to the incredible people at Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema for your ongoing support each year. We appreciate you ?.Thank you to Cinecycle, Blue Ice Docs, and OPUS 59 FILMS for helping us to celebrate our big 0-5. ?