March 30th, 2016


Illustration by Robert John Paterson

Ever wondered who could be powerful enough to shut down Visa, force a standoff with Mexican drug cartels and take on the Church of Scientology–to name a few of their “ultra coordinated motherfuckery”? Join the Harvard Seal Doc Film Club on March 30th at 7:00 pm. for a private screening of We Are Legion–a documentary that follows the captivating and historically groundbreaking tale of the radical online vigilante community that goes by the name of Anonymous (seriously? how much more badass could they get). The film takes us deep into the abyss of internet culture, hacktivism, surveillance and all that cool yet slightly terrifying stuff that’s hard to ignore in our increasingly mediated era of oversaturated technology.

What better way to hear about a global revolutionary movement than from the very people who stood at the virtual front-line of the war against corporate databases, cyber-security firms, and web controllers? Following typical documentary format, We Are Legion interweaves interviews with current members – some recently returned from prison, others still awaiting trial – as well as writers, academics and major players in various “raids”, making a loose case for their advocacy of freedom of speech and personal privacy. In the end you decide, are they terrorists or are they allies?

But wait, there’s more! Stick around for our staple post-film discussion with Ryan Singel, co-founder of Contextly and former Wired.com editor for the award-winning blog, Threat Level. Ryan, who is featured in the documentary, will be joining us from San Fransisco to answer our questions and provide further insight on Anonymous–you won’t want to miss it!

How can you become a part of this awesome event? To secure a FREE ticket, please register HERE by clicking on the green button that says REGISTER. The space is very limited– so register soon before tickets run out.

Here are some candid photos of the event– in case you missed it! We had a full house at The White House Studio Project in Kensington Market–shared some laughs over some of the hilarities of Anonymous, met some new doc lovers, and got some amazing insights from Ryan Singel. Thanks again Ryan for joining us for a Q&A session, and to all of you who came out!

Here’s a link to the article Anonymous 101 by Quinn Norton that was mentioned during the discussion, in case your curiosity was piqued!