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The Harvard Seal Documentary Film Club is an eclectic social club that meets once a month to watch and discuss documentaries around the city.
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Post-Film Discussions

We actively support real people having real interactions in an uninhibited environment, and provide the platform for interesting conversations to kick off.

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Enjoy the benefits of being a member when it comes to occasional door prizes, contests and discounted tickets. We like to treat our regulars to crowd-pleasing bonuses.

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Instigated by the power of film, we get together every month with friends and new acquaintances. Get to know the people who share your curiosity and interest for docs.

We believe that the films we love to watch are equally as important as the people who love watching them. What better way to celebrate great films than to meet awesome people while you do it? Come out this month– all are welcome!

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Doc of the Month – JANUARY 2018

Real Stories, Real People

The film takes viewers to the frontlines of health in three human stories that examine the socio-political,economic and health impacts of Zika, Ebola, and Influenza. In the centennial year of the 1918 Influenza Pandemic, it is a critical call for global citizens to take collective action to prevent future epidemics in the 21st century. More Info

HS Doc Club Team

These are some of the club's many faces. Look for us, chat with us, tweet at us, tell us your suggestions and give us feedback. This club is for YOU!
Rebecca French
Greg Van De Mark
Jessica Cupola
David Arromba
Ardi Mustafa
Robert John Paterson
Alysia Urrutia

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